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New Light Pictures
Pereiras de Almancil
Apartado 3287
8135-022 Almancil

Tel: +351 91 531 54 63 (Nélson Mendonça)


We will do our best to answer all queries, but we ask for your patience as this may take a while. Thank you for your understanding.

If you're an actor:

If you're a professional actor interested in working on our productions please send us your CV, a headshot and a full body photo to:

We will add your details to our database for future reference.
If you'd like to join our team:

If you're interested in volunteering for a position as one of our team members, either in the administrative or in the technical/artistic departments, please send us your CV, your available time and the type of work you would be interested in developing with us to:

We take our work very seriously and we expect the highest standards of professionalism and self-initiative from our team members. We want people who are available, responsible, and utterly committed to the job they are assigned.

This being said, we don’t mind working with people with no previous experience or training if we feel they have something to add to our team.