Sunday, 14 November 2010

"Command" - Production details

Amidst the chaos of war, a soldier is determined to carry out his mission: to deliver a message in the middle of the battlefield.

“Command” is a short film in which our objective was to maximize production value by taking advantage of the best resources we had available at the time: access to machine gun replicas and to full body military equipment. From this it was easy to conclude we had to place the action in a war scenario. As it would be very expensive to build a believable battlefield, we decided to focus the action inside a trench, so we could have better control of the filmic space, without having to worry about the surroundings.

Unfortunately, we couldn't find a good hole to work on, so we had to dig it from scratch with spades. For 4 full consecutive days, we dug and decorated a 20 meter long trench, designed with a special geometry so we could use the same areas several times without the audience noticing. On the 5th day we shot the entire trench sequence and on the 6th day we had to bury everything back again.

During the day we dug; during the nights we gathered, prepared and, in some cases, built the props for the trench - and it was while doing this that we worked out a concept for the plot - we were literally preparing everything for a production without even knowing what it was going to be about. In the eve of the shoot we elaborated a carefully thought shotlist, conceived so we could make that very confined space appear much bigger and much more chaotic than it actually was.

The result is an extremely low-budget film, with a total cost of 27.5€, spent on the ingredients to our home-made fake blood, on envelopes and on barbed-wire. Everything else in this production was borrowed, and both cast and crew were friends working voluntarily.


Lead Cast
April 2010
Patrício Faísca, Sonat Duyar
Patrício Faísca, Sonat Duyar
Sonat Duyar
Sonat Duyar
Patrício Faísca, Rúben Botelho
Patrício Faísca, Sonat Duyar
André Ferreira
Nuno Custódio

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